Best Study Techniques and Tricks

by Mark

Exams are a part of every student’s life. They are often competitive, and clearing them is often perceived as the difference between success and failure in life. Hence, exams are undoubtedly stressful for most students. In this article, we will explore a few tips and tricks to help you secure better marks in your exams.


Students must start preparing for exams from Day 1 of the academic year. Doing so can help you plan your study schedule and other related activities accordingly. One of the qualities of a good plan is that it should help you benchmark your efforts and track your progress. Moreover, a good plan must be realistic – in other words, the end goal must be achievable. A good plan should also break down its objectives and ensure all related activities are directed towards the same. Most importantly, a plan should be crystal clear; ambiguity might lead to a loss in productivity.

Review and Revise

Revising can help recall and reinforce the concepts and topics that were learnt earlier. It can also help students to recall information much quicker – which is very crucial during the final or any competitive exams. Furthermore, timely revisions have been proven to reduce anxiety levels and improve confidence. Students are also less likely to make errors if they have revised their study materials thoroughly. Moreover, there are many methods for revision – from mind maps and quizzes to flashcards and timelines. For instance, Class 9 Science might not be relevant to a student who is currently pursuing Class 12, but it becomes very important if they wish to crack NEET.

Online Learning

Learning online is a relatively new concept, but with the advancement of technology, this is one of the most effective ways to study better. No longer is a student confined to books – if additional information is required, the internet is at their disposal. Students can study from the convenience of their homes, with flexible learning hours. And due to the recent pandemic, this new paradigm shift has opened new opportunities in the field of education for students across the world. Hence, online learning platforms are one of the best resources a student can use if they wish to secure good marks in their exams.

Group Study

Granted, group study or peer learning might not be for everyone, but the benefits outweigh the cons. For instance, peer learning has been proven to foster teamwork and promote productive learning. It will also help to retain and recall information more effectively. Besides, group study can provide students with better feedback and wider perspectives – a crucial aspect that fosters cultural diversity. Constructive criticism is another benefit, wherein students can identify and rectify their mistakes while ensuring the same error does not get repeated.

Taking Care of Health and Diet

Effective learning occurs only when the mind and body are healthy and well-rested. Students must ensure that they eat a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, avoiding processed, sugary foods and drinks is crucial as it can have repercussions on health. Sleep is even more important as it is vital for the learning process.

In conclusion, following these tips can help you perform better in your exams. Explore Class 9 Chemistry tuition, as well as Biology, Physics and other subjects, only at BYJU’S.

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