All you need to know about EPF Balance Check

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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in India oversees the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), a retirement savings plan. It is a necessary scheme for workers making less than a specific wage level, and both employers and workers contribute a portion of the employee’s pay to the program.

It’s crucial to monitor your EPF balance if you’re an employee who is covered by the EPF program. What you should know about EPF balance check is as follows:

EPF balance check

Check your EPF balance online

Visit the EPFO website and log in using your Universal Account Number (UAN) and password to view your online EPF balance. You can access your EPF balance statement and other information once you’ve logged in.

Check your EPF balance by SMS

You can send the EPFO an SMS to see your EPF balance. To accomplish this, you must send an SMS with the subject line EPFOHO UAN ENG to the number 7738299899, where ENG denotes the language you would want to receive the message in (for example, ENG for English). You’ll get a mail with information on your EPF balance.

Check your EPF balance by call

You may additionally verify your EPF balance by giving the EPFO a missed call and asking for your EPF balance. You must make a missed call from your registered mobile phone to 011-22901406 in order to accomplish this. Your EPF balance information will be sent to you through SMS.

Check your EPF balance using the UMANG app

Both Android and iOS users can download the UMANG app, which allows you to view your EPF balance. After downloading the app, you must login using your UAN and password and register with your mobile phone. Then, you can use the app to access your EPF balance statement and other information.

Check your EPF balance in the EPF passbook

The EPFO website makes it possible for you to check your EPF balance in the EPF passbook. You can access your EPF passbook, which includes information about your EPF balance, contributions, and withdrawals, after logging in with your UAN and password.

Some tips to keep in mind!

Check your EPF balance frequently

To keep track of your contributions, interest accrued, and withdrawals, you should frequently check your EPF balance. You can better arrange your retirement funds as a result.

Verify the information and make sure it is accurate when checking your EPF balance. Look for any mistakes or discrepancies. You should get in touch with your company or the EPFO very away to have any mistakes or discrepancies fixed.

Transfer of EPF balance

If you switch jobs, you can transfer your EPF balance from your old employer to your new one. Through the EPFO website, you can check the status of your EPF balance transfer.

Withdrawal of EPF balance

If you retire or are unemployed for a continuous period of two months or longer, you may withdraw your EPF balance. You can also take money out of your EPF account for specified things like paying for a house, getting medical care, or paying for school. However, it’s crucial to remember that prematurely withdrawing your EPF balance can have an impact on your retirement savings, thus it’s advised to do so only in an emergency.


In order to guarantee that you are on track to fulfill your retirement savings objectives, it is crucial to maintain track of your EPF balance. Online, by SMS or missed call, on the UMANG app, or in the EPF passbook are all ways to check your EPF balance. To know more about EPF balance visit the 5paisa website!

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